GGT & Benvitec ensure cleaner air in the Chinese Republic with her BlueFil® demisters

Urea worldwide the most used nitrogen fertilizer, is an organic white hard solid which is utilized on a large scale in tropical climate zones and is of crucial importance for the rice-growing in Asia. It is mainly traded as granulate but during the granulation process arises a considerable amount of urea dust. Dust clouds in the environment can best be avoided and loss of valuable raw material is also irresponsible. The most economical way to prevent this is to treat the urea dust in horizontal scrubbers. In this treatment process, scrubbing the dust loaded exhaust air, the BlueFil® demisters of the Benvitec company are used. GGT(Green Granulation Technology) a specialist with a global reputation in the development of urea granulation plant decisively chooses BlueFil® because of the following advantages:

  • less dust emission, thus cleaner exhaust air
  • low pressure drop, thus less energy consumption
  • higher concentrated recovered solution (up to 55%)
  • long service life, thus less shutdowns
  • knowhow and experience of the Benvitec BlueFil® team

Recently a new urea granulation plant, which uses our BlueFil® technology, was successfully started at Linggu in China. The plant produces 2,700 ton urea each day, a very significant amount to European standards. Our BlueFil® demisters continuously dedust one exhaust air current of  330,000 m³/h and one exhaust air current of  570,000 m³/h with a respective pressure drop of just 100 mm and 50 mm WC (water column). The dust separation at an efficiency of 99.9% > 5µ and 92 % > 2.5µ, which is on the same level as the European EPA 5 emission standard. The Chinese customer, Jiangsu Linggu Chemical Industry co, is very pleased to meet the environmental standards and is also happy with the level of energy savings and the recuperation of raw materials. In addition the plant produces high quality urea granulates for export to markets outside China, including Japan and South Korea.

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